• Image of Bing Satellites & Daniel Land - King Midas In Reverse

Out now!
The brand new collaboration between myself and Daniel Land.

An album of quiet, beautiful songs performed on piano and guitar.

This album started life at a riverrun concert myself and Daniel performed in Manchester. During that concert we performed a track using a processed piano and guitar. We liked it a lot and decided then to make an album based around piano and guitar.

We started working on this album in January 2013 during sessions for Daniel's next solo album. We worked very quickly. It soon became apparent that we had something special on our hands - and something we are both very proud of.

We are both fans of the paintings of artist Ade Hodges, so much so that the album is named after the painting which forms the album cover. You can find more of the paintings of Ade Hodges at www.facebook.com/adehodgesartist

More details / preview can be found at www.bfwrecordings.com/midas

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